We believe in doing life together

At Compassion, we believe in doing life together. cGroups are a great place for you to get connect by meeting new friends and strengthening friendships you already have. We were created to be in community- not just in our weekly church gatherings but in a smaller setting to allow for more authentic relationships. 

cGroups happen in sessions! (12 -13 weeks in the Fall, Spring, and Summer) Although you can always jump in at any time! What are you looking for? Large? Small? Casual? Class-like? We have groups for every season of life and many topics of interest; whether it’s the people you hope to meet, or the topic you hope to learn more about, we have a group that’s right for you!

Mike Heidi Devito cGroups Story

Mike and Heidi Devito

“Getting involved in a cGroup has enriched our lives, and has helped us to develop our faith and strong friendships. We share a deep love for Jesus, and have an unbreakable support system that we can depend on for prayer and encouragement. We need other Christians in our lives to challenge us, support us, and help us understand what it means to live a life for Jesus. We cannot sharpen ourselves; we need others to do that. And that is just what our cGroup does for us! Our cGroup are beyond friends, they are family!”

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