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Kody Samantha Newcombs

Our Pastors

Kody & Samantha Newcomb

Kody and Samantha Newcomb first joined Compassion Church in 2014 as the Worship and Student Pastors. Not knowing at the time, they would fall in love, get married, and become the Lead Pastors in 2018. They love seeing others succeed whether it’s accepting Jesus in their hearts for the first time or walking in the purpose they were created for, is the greatest and most rewarding part of ministry to the Newcombs.

Kody and Samantha not only pastor Compassion Waverly, but in 2019 God laid on their hearts to start another campus out of Waverly and reach the city of Paris, TN about an hour west of Waverly.

What you might not know about the Newcombs: They are both from the greatest city in the world Memphis, TN, they love to travel, and one of their weekly traditions is movie Friday.

Quote: “If we do God’s will, God’s way, we’ll get God’s results.”

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Michelle McCaleb

Michelle McCaleb


Michelle McCaleb is our homegirl. She was born and raised in Waverly, TN and first attended Compassion  Church in 2013. After encountering Jesus in a new way, Michelle found community and purpose in serving  and in 2017 she was hired as the Connections Pastor. Which suites her perfectly because is a people person  formerly serving as the Career Center Director at Work Force Essentials for Humphrey and Houston County.  Michelle believes in the importance and power of connection, not just with individuals, but with their  families as well.  

What you might not know about Michelle: She’s been married 17 years to her husband, Jeff, has 3 amazing  kids, and getting ready to welcome her 5th grandchild. She loves being “Mimi” 

Quote: “But God.” 

Susan Watt

Susan Watts


Susan Watts has been at Compassion Church since 2001. Originally from Bath, Maine, Susan’s father was in the military so they moved around a lot. It’s one the reason Susan gained a love for adventure and travel. She also loves the way God connects people together. In fact, her favorite part about ministry is that whether someone is celebrating or mourning her team gets to walk alongside them. “When people need Jesus the most, I get to be a part of that. Everyone wants to be loved and I get to tell them about the one who loves them the most.”
What you might not know about Susan: She’s been married to the love of her life, Jerry for 45 years, has 2 wonderful kids, 3 grandchildren, and one time she did somersaults down a hill in Switzerland.

Quote: “I forgive all.”

Zach Grace

Zach Grace


Zach Grace has been attending Compassion Church for 3 years. God crossed his path with Compassion through the Hope Center and now serves as the Student Pastor. “Coming from where I come from, and God allowing me to minister to people is overwhelming.” Zach’s favorite part of student ministry is demonstrating and communicating God’s word in a new age way. Originally from Nashville, TN, Zach not only serves with Compassion, but he’s also a Recovery Coordinator with the Hope Center.

What you might now know about Zach: He’s married his beautiful wife, Layne and they have an awesome son named Lincoln, and he’s ambidextrous.

Quote: “I never pray more than 20 minutes, but I never go more than 20 minutes without praying.”

Tasha Segrest

Tasha Segrest


Tasha Segrest and her husband Ben met at Compassion church and have been married for 3 years. Tasha has served in multiple roles with admissions and administration for other organization but in 2021 she started feeling a promoting to step into ministry and last year that promoting became a reality for Tasha when he was hired as the Kids Pastor. has been attending Compassion for 5 years and in 2021 she was hired as the Kids Pastor. Her favorite part about ministry is making a difference in kids lives by bringing the joy. The smile on their faces says it all.

What you might not know about Tasha: She has 3 amazing kids (Jason, Kason, and Kentleigh), loves to travel, has a sand collection, and she can’t swim even though she thought about being a Marine Biologist.

Quote: “There’s no such thing as a bad kid.”

Austin Liverance

Austin Liverance


Austin Liverance became interested in music when he was 13 years old because he wanted to learn a Christmas song. Little did he know, at the time, he would be taking the first step in fulfilling the purpose God had for his life. His love for music grew even more when he had the opportunity to work at a music studio in Nashville, TN, and now he serves full time as a Worship Pastor. He loves that ministry builds a community of like-minded people that want to better themselves and in turn help others do the same. Austin’s been a Worship Leader for almost 6 years, and he honors the opportunity to give back with the gifts God has given him.
What you might not know about Austin: He use to do BMX biking and his go to coffee drink is 4 shots of espresso.

Quote: Esther 4:14 “…for such a time as this [and for this very purpose].”